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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Taking Terrorism Bull by its Horn :: AO

The aim of the Terrorists, especially, "Muslim" extremists, is to bring rule of "Islam" to the Middle East and to the entire World. The Taliban style regime, which they want to establish would be very hostile to the interests of Muslim women. It will take away their freedom to own property, to educate themselves and to work outside. The "Muslim" extremists consider themselves superior to women. Muslim women, being the prime target of "Muslim" extremists, should have tremendous incentives to fight terrorism.

We should recruit more Muslim women in our intelligence agencies (as we have shortage of Arabic speaking agents), and military. Muslim women recruits will be extremely effective in places where terrorism is active, such as Iraq, Kashmir and elsewhere. Imagine, Muslim women law enforcement officers firing on Muslim extremists! Such a picture will be a tremendous blow to the thinking of "Muslim" extremists that they are superior to women. It will also make fight against "Muslim" terrorists an internal one: Muslim women against their oppressors. It will also give Muslim women a very good source of income and allow them to get training needed for leading financially and psychologically independent life. Thus, recruiting Muslim women in fight against terrorism will have effect of introducing more modernity in Muslim world.

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