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Friday, August 20, 2004

Men and Women

Shanti Mangala talks about an personal incident which one of the lady apologizes for not being "very lady-like". While such an attitude definitely shows an ancient sexiest bias; some women are at the other end of the extreme.

Maggie Gallagher makes an excellent point that many educated women keep whinning about relationships and men receive little appreciation for their contributions:

The problem is not that working wives want more help with household chores, or that all women want husbands deeply involved in family life. The problem comes when a culture of grievance (and the illusions of power it gives) replaces the cultivation of gratitude. Most especially, when appreciation, approval and affection get translated as "subservience" rather than love.

Update: Shanti asks if feminism is still relevant. Feminism as a movement, having accomplished its goals, is becoming irrelevant. It has developed a habbit of whinning and is now in the same league as Civil Rights movement in US.

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