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Monday, October 11, 2004

John Kerry 's narrow view of terrorism

John Kerry wants to deal with terrorism the way we have dealth with illegal gambling and prostitution! My wife brought a good point: prostitution and illegal gambling are mostly domestic problems. Therefore, law enforcement can deal with them effectively if they decide to make it a priority. We will never have to worry about invading other countries in order to stop gambling in our own country.

But the terrorists operate freely in many places around the world (we all know them)!

So, are we going to wait till terrorists cross into our borders even as they plan mass murders in various safe-havens? How are we going to deal with terrorism when terrorists can acquire weapons of mass destruction from rogue states?

That's why President Bush's policy of being on the offensive is great! It promises to deal with terrorism before it becomes a significant threat! It takes the war to them, where it belongs!

Update: Arthur has more on this. Also, more analysis at Justoneminute blog.

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