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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bharateeya Blog Mela

Let the fun begin, this week's Bharateeya Blog Mela (भारतीय चिट्ठा मेला) is here!

This is my first experience hosting an event of this kind. As I said earlier, Blog Mela helped me introduced me to a lot of Indian blogs including many Hindi ones. It is really nice to see so many Hindi blogs out there though I find them a bit difficult to read.

Except for a personal post that I didn't find relevant I have selected all those that were nominated along with few of my own choices. Enjoy the show!

Gopi talks about importance of promoting the sense of Indianness and good work done by National Integration films! Who can forget "मीले सूर मेरा तुुमहारा"?

In response to Madhu's screed on Indian-ness, Prasenjeet Dutta feels that "Nationalism – first and foremost – is shared economic and strategic interest. Everything else, cultural symbolism included, is window dressing."

Once I asked some experts on an Indian forum about motivation of terrorists like Osama Bin Laden but never got anything other than few snide remarks. Well, web and especially blogs are a great thing! Based on interview with al Qaeda expert Saad al-Faqih in The Jamestown Foundation, Prasenjeet believes Al Qaida's motive is not to win but to be stomped upon, again and again.

What with The Times going the tabloid way, London commuters with "taste" are running out of newspapers to hide behind in the Tube.

Years after refusing to follow the beaten path, Pleomorphous laments that he created his own prison.

A tasteless and vulgar remix of famous old song on TV prompts Jitendra Chaudhary to wonder, क्या देह ही है सब कुछ?

Atul Arora contrasts practice of democracy in India and US in the light of just concluded US elections. Lots of pictures too! I was quite impressed when I heard (on radio) John Kerry addressing his supporters as he conceded the election to George Bush. He was interrupted many times by the thunderous applause by the supporters. In India by contrast, supporters vanish moment election results go against their party or their leader.

Varnam takes on Arundhati Roy's explanation of why she doesn't condemn militants! Now I know why militants don't like democracy!

Is China manipulating US? Evariste feels so:It may be that China is manipulating us very skillfully, by having Pakistan escalate its demands so that we'll continue to appease them and anger our more natural ally, India-while simultaneously buttering India up and patching over old tensions.

Re-trial or Mis-trial? The Opti Mystic weighs on some stunning developments in the Best Bakery case.

Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution discusses Indian democracy and rationality of Indian voters.

Swaminathan Aiyar's articles are always a good read. If you are still not convinced of failure of Nehruvian socialism, read Putting Nehru, Tata to shame.

That's all from me. The next week's Blog Mela is over at The Opti Mystic.

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