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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I am smart, I am always late

Andrew Chamberlain has a very fascinating post proving that punctuality is inefficient.

Update: I have a doubt about the analysis presented there.

Based on his analysis, if people decided to be deliberately late by starting late then would the distribution curve shift to the right? That is, if the meeting is at 5:00 PM and it takes around 10 minutes (most likely time) to reach the place, then a person must start around 4:50 PM in order for the distribution curve (shown in the figure titled, "When Will I Show Up?") to be true. Isn't it?
If the person deliberately wants to reach late by starting at 5:00 PM, the curve in the above figure will shift to the right by 10 minutes. Will it not?
In fact, same analysis applies to the case in which the person setting the invitation deliberately sets the time at 4:50 PM in order for everybody to show up on time.

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