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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Big Media crushes a blogger

Via Selective Amnesia, India's largest media group, Times of India Group, serves a legal notice on the Mediaah blog for allegedly defaming the Times of India publications. The notice asks the author to delete the "offending" 19 posts and refrain from writing anything similar and "defamatory". The owner, Pradyuman Maheshwari, has decided to cease the publication because he doesn't have the time, energies and monies to fight the biggies.

Various Times of India publications, such as FilmFare and even Times of India newspaper, also publishes gossips about the Bollywood. So, I don't understand why they are so pissed off about a small blog that gossips about the media.

This is really outrageous and I hope that all bloggers unite against this attack by the Big Media on Blogosphere!

Update: Sign the online petition. Also, Mark Glaser has an article in Online Journalism Review.

Another Update: Here is the other side of the story.

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